Employment » Employment Fixed Fees

The employment fixed fees are offered in a 2 stage process so that you can choose the services you want, at the stage you need them.

The first stage will cover submitting claims for:

Once your claim has been submitted, we will agree further charges with you depending on the merits of your claim. These will be covered by stage 2 fees and can include:


The fixed fee packages are all dependant on your individual case and the merits of your claim. As every case is different we begin the process with an initial 30 minute appointment with you to review your documents before advising on the fixed fee that we can offer.

We can also offer a ‘price promise’ (a bespoke fixed fee) if your case is unsuitable for one of the packages below.

Either way we will be able to tell you the fee upfront so that you can have peace of mind over costs right from the start. We also offer a range of flexible payment options.