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Planning for the future is as much about making sure your wishes will be carried out as you would like, as it is about looking after loved ones.

Writing a Will

We know that it’s not always very comfortable thinking about what will happen when we’re gone, preparing a loved one’s last wishes or dealing with what happens after. While professional legal advice can’t stop the inevitable, it can help you control what happens after.

Making a will gives you peace of mind and also provides certainty for those left behind; they know what’s expected of them, and this can be a great comfort at a difficult time.

A professionally drafted will can ensure that your wishes will not be challenged. You can be sure that any special provisions, for example for children, partners or pets, are honoured and any specific bequests such as charitable legacies will be administered.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

What would happen if you were no longer able to manage your affairs? Many people believe that if they weren’t able to take care of things, their husband, wife or children could just take over. But this is not the case in law.

If you are unable to manage your own affairs, what the law calls ‘lack of mental capacity’, no other person can deal with things unless you have given them the legal power to do so by way of a lasting power of attorney (LPA).

An LPA lets you decide now, when you are fit and well, who you would want to look after your affairs, take care of your house, savings, etc. and then this is stored until it is needed, should you ever reach the stage where you cannot take care of things yourself

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