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Free Advice before Housing and Eviction Hearings

Tenants who have been summoned to court for council housing issues can now take advantage of free legal advice before they stand before the judge.

A Housing Court Duty Scheme at Barnsley County Court, ran by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) will provide people who would ordinarily be entering a hearing with no prior advice, to access the legal help that they need before their hearing.

Howells Solicitors will be available at Barnsley Crown Court to give free advice to anyone who has had a summons for matters concerning council housing and rent. The duty advisor is available to give pre-hearing advice every third Tuesday of the month from 10.00am.

Howells also runs a weekly free advice clinic at the County Court (located in the Magistrates Court) for anyone summoned for private rent and mortgage matters and repossessions, every Wednesday from 1.15pm. 

Deborah Broadhurst, Howells Solicitor said “Unfortunately many people who find themselves in this situation may not realise that by accessing legal advice before their hearing, they could significantly influence the outcome”

“By gaining advice, what may seem like a hopeless situation could in fact become more manageable and in the best case significantly improve, so we urge anyone in this position to get the help they need.”

The advice sessions are based on a drop in service held at the Barnsley Crown Court, so no prior appointment is needed.  However should you wish to discuss a housing matter before your court date, contact Howells Solicitors to book an appointment on Tel 01226 805 190 or request a call back.