Landlords and Letting Agents – are you carrying out ‘Right to Rent’ checks?

As of 1st February 2016, all landlords in England now have to check that new tenants have the right to be in the UK before renting out their property.

The new law will mean that letting agents and private landlords, including those who sub-let or take in lodgers, must check the immigration status of prospective tenants to ensure they have the right to be in the country.

Under the new rules, landlords who fail to check a potential tenant’s ‘Right to Rent’ could face penalties of up to £3,000 per illegal tenant.

The Right to Rent checks should be completed as a matter of routine. If a potential tenant has an outstanding immigration application or appeal with the Home Office, landlords can conduct a check on that person’s ‘right to rent’ via the Landlords Checking Service.


Landlords and Tenants