Visiting Care Homes during Lockdown

Coronavirus poses a major threat to vulnerable care home residents as well as a risk to visitors and staff. Government guidance released on the 5th November details measures that should be followed to provide COVID-secure opportunities for families to visit loved ones in care homes during lockdown.

The Government has emphasised the importance of balancing the need for family visits with protecting the safety and wellbeing of those living and working in care homes.

The guidance states that “priority should be given to residents and staff’s safety to limit the transmission of COVID-19, however care homes will be encouraged and supported to provide safe visiting opportunities as new national restrictions come into effect.”

Care homes will be expected to put measures in place to provide COVID-secure opportunities for families to meet using visiting arrangements such as floor to ceiling screens, visiting pods, supported virtual visits (video calls), outdoor and window visits.

Each individual care home will be responsible for creating a risk assessment to maintain safety to its residents, but family members should be able to visit family members unless there is special circumstances or risk of an outbreak.

Check the website of your loved ones care home or call the centre for their specific regulations in place.

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