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The reason why Howells Solicitors is one of the country’s leading providers of publicly funded legal services – Legal Aid as it’s often referred to – is our belief in justice for all.
Everyone should have the right to high quality legal advice, regardless of their ability to pay. For over four decades, we’ve been providing that high quality advice to the people of South Yorkshire – and giving them the equality to which they’re entitled.

Despite the changes to Legal Aid that came into force on April 1st 2013, which reduced the amount of public funding for many areas of the law, we still continue to offer the services where applicable and the government will still pay all or part of your legal costs, depending on your eligibility.
For those who are not entitled to the costs being fully paid, you may be required to contribute to the costs, or repay the costs if you receive money or property from a settlement.

Do I qualify for Legal Aid?

Don’t worry about working this out yourself. At your first appointment with us, we will carry out an assessment to see if you qualify and explain what happens next. There are various factors which will be taken into account including:

You can also get legal help for an asylum problem if you receive government asylum support.

From our first assessment we will be able to advise you on your entitlements and the next step to take.

What areas of law can I get Legal Aid for?

Not all areas of law have government funding available for Legal Aid. The areas of law that we cover which can be paid for by Legal Aid currently are:

We’re also committed to helping those who may not qualify for Legal Aid – but who would otherwise have difficulty in paying for legal advice – by looking at a range of other funding sources and payment options available, such as fixed fees in some areas, we will consider payment plans and no win, no fee in some areas. We also offer free consultations and free drop in sessions in many areas.

Don’t assume that if you can’t pay, we can’t help.

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