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Business Support

Howells Solicitors is well known for our expert lawyers and solicitors, but we also have an excellent Business Support department. We value our Business Support teams as an essential part of the firm which plays a crucial role in ensuring our success.

As with the legal roles, we are committed to the on-going professional development of our business support staff and encourage career progression.

Our Business Support department consists of the following teams:

Finance  |  Human Resources  |  IT  |  Marketing  |  Quality and Projects  |  Client Services |


We have an expert team of staff at Howells who ensure the busy finance department is run as efficiently as possible. As one of the larger departments of Business Support, it has a variety of roles ranging from finance assistants, senior finance assistants up to manager level. Within these roles, employees may assist with a wide range of activities including billing, purchase ledgers, bank reconciliation, payroll, and finance management.

The finance department is key to the firm’s organisation and management, and working in this department you will be valued for the crucial role you have within the firm’s structure.

Human Resources

Our business is our people, so working in the HR department you can make a real difference to the success and growth of the whole organisation. As an organisation which is dedicated to providing a positive working environment, the role of the HR department is to ensure that we get the best out of our staff, and that all of our staff are supported, motivated and encouraged in their roles.

Working in the HR department can be a really rewarding responsibility that is varied and challenging and suitable for professionals who are motivated, enthusiastic and who want to make a significant positive impact on the firm.

Information Technology

As an innovative legal firm, we are focussed on continually improving the way we work, to support our staff and to provide the very best in client care. Recognising that IT plays a critical role in the way we work and our efficiency, we greatly value the expertise of our staff and have a dedicated IT team. The service that we provide relies heavily upon technology and as such we are keen to keep up with new developments.

We currently have a modern, sophisticated infrastructure that as part of the IT team you would be supporting, analysing and developing. As a member of the support staff you will be encouraged to reach your full potential through continuous professional development.


In a highly competitive industry good marketing is essential to the success of a firm. Here at Howells Solicitors, we see Marketing as crucial to our business and our future.

As a key part in moulding the future direction and success of the firm, marketing is an important element in the firm’s business plans and strategies. From client care, procedures and processes to branding and awareness, marketing is involved in many aspects across the entire firm. Howells’ marketing department is a challenging and varied environment that is suitable for creative, enthusiastic and experienced individuals who want to make a significant contribution to the firm.

Quality and Projects

The service we provide to our clients, and the way in which we work, is of the highest importance to Howells. Our Quality and Projects team are responsible for a whole range of areas across the firm that are aimed at improving what we do and how we do it.

Overseeing projects and developing procedures, the quality and projects department ensures we operate smoothly, efficiently and at the highest standard we can. The role can be very varied, with a mixture of on-going and special one-off projects. As with all support roles in Howells, the benefits are great and you will be encouraged to use and build on your expertise.

Client Services

We see our Client Services team as the face of the firm and therefore a vital team at Howells for delivering an excellent service. Roles in this department include Reception and New Enquiry Team.

Working in a sector where clients expect a certain level of service, making a positive first impression is imperative. Often being the first point of contact for clients and prospective clients, our reception staff can shape the impressions of us as a law firm, which is why we aim to achieve excellent client care right from the start. Our New Enquiry Team are key  to achieving this aim: they work with new clients taking their initial phone calls, meeting and greeting them on their first visit and giving the very best impression of the firm right from the start.

Working in the Howells Client Services department you will be valued, supported and given the opportunity to fulfil your potential.  It is a role that requires people who can work in a team, deliver excellent customer service and who, ultimately, are here to help!