Tracy Hinchcliffe - Housing Paralegal | Howells Solicitors

Tracy Hinchcliffe – Housing Paralegal

Tracy began her career with Howells in 2008, working in the firm’s housing department, on the CLA telephone advice team.

“Howells was the biggest provider of legal aid in the areas of Law I was interested in working in” Tracy said “Anybody who wanted to work in legal aid wanted to work at Howells. They were the biggest name in the industry for legal aid work.

“When I found out that Howells were hiring, I jumped at the chance to apply.”

From day one, Tracy was trained in all areas housing, taking on more complex cases in no time.

“From the start of my career at Howells there was allot of trust from the management and allot of freedom to find my feet in my position. There is a lot of confidence from management across the firm”

In 2020 Tracy will begin a training contract with Howells in order to become a fully qualified Solicitor.

“I have never wanted to work anywhere else” Tracy explains “So when I decided I wanted to develop my career I didn’t hesitate to apply for a training contract in Howells.

“I’m looking forward to training in other areas of law. The good thing about Howells is for progression is that they offer such a wide range of services so there are many opportunities available to staff.”

Tracy will work amongst many areas of law during her training and will spend two years developing her skills.

“As a mature student, it’s great to be offered this opportunity and I’m honoured that the firm have faith in me and want to invest in my future. There’s a lot of competition and I’m glad that my hard work has been recognised. If you show loyalty, commitment and handwork in Howells, then they give back, no matter of the circumstances.”