Why Work for Howells?

Howells Solicitors is one of the largest law firms in South Yorkshire and our people are experts in their field. Our clients can be sure they are getting the best advice possible, from friendly, down to earth advisors.

Howells’ business is its people and, as such, we are committed to our people. Integral to our business planning are our People Strategy and Plan, which look at what we need from our people and how we can support them and nurture them to get there.

Howells’ staff are hardworking but friendly and everyone who joins Howells receives a very warm welcome.  We are not like every other law firm; we pride ourselves on placing our people at the centre of our business and this is reflected in the number of long serving employees that we have.

Staff benefits

Our Vision and Values

We aim to be an organisation known regionally for its expert advice, talented individuals and for our teamwork and leadership; and by our staff for our excellence in leadership and people management.

We aim to be an organisation whose processes and policies support our goals and make excellent use of technology. An organisation that is committed to the professional development of all our staff and that is an employer of choice for those who believe in our goals.

We aim to be an organisation that has a diverse but inclusive culture and is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. And an organisation that prioritises the health and wellbeing of its employees.

Our Future

Howells is a proactive and forward-thinking law firm. We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of new ways of working. For example, we were one of the first firms in the country to hold a contract for the provision of legal services purely by telephone.

We are always looking at different ways of delivering services and how we can continue to offer great value legal advice to all individuals.

Equality and Diversity

Difference is a good thing!

We are all different so diversity includes us all!

Diversity not only includes those characteristics protected under the Equality Act (sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, age, pregnancy and maternity, religion and belief) but also social and educational background, and family and care responsibilities.

Our clients – working with them

We understand that each client is different and we welcome these differences. We will always work with our clients to meet their expectations on diversity and to ensure everyone is treated equally while meeting individual needs.

Howells’ approach to diversity is to support our people, clients, potential clients and suppliers where we live and work.

Dignity, respect and fairness underpin what we do and strengthen our resolve that discrimination has no place in our decision making, behaviour or culture.

Our people – Dignity at Work

Howells aims to be an inclusive organisation, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity and is committed to providing a working environment for its staff that is free from all forms of bullying and harassment. The Firm adopts a zero-tolerance approach and will not tolerate bullying or harassment of our employees by clients, other members of the public or other employees.

We are an equal opportunities employer and positively encourage applications for suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of any of the characteristics protected by the Equality Act or of an individual’s social or educational background or family and care responsibilities.

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all and to develop a diverse and talented workforce

Click here for the Howells Diversity Report Summary July 2017