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What is Probate and why do I need a Solicitor?

It’s not a pleasant prospect, but at some point during your life you will lose a loved one, and you may be left responsible for what happens to their possessions and property.

The last thing you want during at this traumatic time is the burden of paper work, applications and trying to make sense of what is expected of you and understand the legal jargon involved with Probate – or even understanding what Probate is.

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Coronavirus: Caring for the elderly and vulnerable

As we are all now aware, the residents of the UK have been instructed to self-isolate for at least weeks. It’s important that we consider our elderly and vulnerable family members, neighbours and friends at this time.

The main issues which will arise for these individuals are:

  • Loneliness
  • Getting access to medical supplies
  • Getting access to food and necessities
  • Accidents

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Employer’s duty to safeguard employees’ mental health

After a week of unprecedented Government intervention the UK is now approaching the eye of the virus storm. However, this does not mean businesses cannot be planning for the future. On the contrary, business now have time to take stock, be creative and engage with those tasks that often get placed in the “when we have time” pile.

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Wills, Wills, Wills – A comprehensive guide to the importance of making a Will

Usually we don’t want to discuss death – it’s a morbid subject and, for many, it may seem very far away. However, it may sound cliché, but we don’t know what life will throw at us, and all what we have worked hard for, our possessions, our property, our finances, may be all at jeopardy if we don’t make a Will.

Don’t think of a Will as just a document you get when you’re elderly or in poor health, but consider a Will a vital piece of your family’s infrastructure, no matter what age you are, and something that will protect your children and your spouse, and will make happen what you want to happen after you’re gone.

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“What should I do if I’m being questioned by the Police?”

Criminal Defence Solicitor, Helen Toyne, advises on what you should do if you find yourself in the situation where you’re questioned by the Police and why you need a Duty Solicitor, in our blog post.

Scary thought, but you might find yourself in a situation where you are asked to visit a Police station at a later date for a voluntary interview or are arrested by a Police officer and taken to a Police station for questioning. What should you do?

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Do you need a Solicitor to make a Personal injury claim?

It can be daunting contacting a law firm and discussing our private, and sometimes embarrassing, matters with a stranger and it may seem easier and straightforward to deal with a legal matter ourselves. However, this is not the case.
When someone is injured in an accident they are entitled to claim for compensation for their injuries and financial losses, provided it can be shown that someone else was at fault and that their negligence caused the injuries.
Evidence has to be obtained to prove the negligence, usually by way of witness statements and expert evidence, and there is a complex and potentially exhausting process that must be followed.

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What is a ‘letter of wishes’ and should you have one?

Frequently when clients start to think about making a Will, the most pressing thing on their minds is about who they would like to leave their assets to and who they would like to administer their estate.

Less pressing is their funeral arrangements, and yet many people have very strong and specific wishes as to the nature and conduct of their funeral.

Under the present law, the executors appointed under the Will have ownership of the body and are, technically, the decision makers for funeral arrangements.

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Do I really need a solicitor to deal with my divorce?

You may find yourself in the situation where your marriage will breakdown and both parties agree to Divorce. You may both be at fault, or just one of you, but either of you can start the Divorce process.
Whilst you don’t have to instruct a specialist to handle the Divorce, it will make sure the process is completed correctly, more efficiently and it will be less stressful for you. A good solicitor will make the process easier rather than any more difficult.
Never underestimate the stress, anxiety and pain that can arise during the Divorce process. Amicable solutions you may have made with your ex-partner may change as the process goes on.

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