How can a Solicitor help with Probate?

You may be wondering how can a solicitor help with probate? The first thing to consider is that you should never underestimate the emotional and physical burden dealing with the estate of a recently deceased loved one.

Not only are you grieving but you may become overwhelmed with the large amount of paperwork and applications needed to deal with probate and trying to understand all that is involved and the legal terminology.

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What is Probate?

It’s not a pleasant prospect, but at some point during your life you will lose a loved one. During this traumatic time, it can be very daunting not knowing what to do or what happens to their possessions and property.
Many people do not know what probate is until they are faced with the responsibility.

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What is a financial settlement?

Once you’ve taken the decision to divorce you will need to reach a formal financial settlement. A financial settlement is legally binding and covers the specifics of how to deal with your financial assets following separation.

Do you need a financial settlement as part of a divorce?

Whilst you can still be granted a divorce without a financial settlement, it is highly advisable to obtain one. This will avoid any complications, delays or further legal costs. The court can approve any financial settlement from the decree nisi stage in the divorce. Without a financial settlement, you can run the risk of not receiving what you are entitled to. Your ex partner could also try and make a financial claim against you in the future, even years after the divorce is finalised.

It is important that a financial settlement is approved by a court. If it isn’t, it will not be legally binding and could leave you at risk of further disputes later.

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What is a Deathbed Gift?

It’s not a pleasant subject, but during these uncertain and unprecedented times, many people’s thoughts turn to what happens to our possessions and property when we die particularly if promises have been made to loved ones.

For a gift to be effective, a properly drawn up Will is essential. However, some people rely on a conversation with an intended recipient, sometimes when they anticipate death, which can become confusing and problematic for the deceased’s estate.

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Do I need a solicitor to deal with my Divorce?

If you find yourself in the situation where your marriage breaks down and both parties agree to divorce either of you can start the divorce process.

Whilst you don’t have to instruct a Solicitor to handle the divorce it will ensure the process is completed correctly, efficiently and it will be less stressful for you. A good solicitor will make the process easier rather than any more difficult.

Never underestimate the stress, anxiety and pain that can arise during the divorce process. Emotions are often heightened and arrangements agreed amicably at the outset can often unravel as the process goes on without expert help.

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