What is a Deathbed Gift?

It’s not a pleasant subject, but during these uncertain and unprecedented times, many people’s thoughts turn to what happens to our possessions and property when we die particularly if promises have been made to loved ones.

For a gift to be effective, a properly drawn up Will is essential. However, some people rely on a conversation with an intended recipient, sometimes when they anticipate death, which can become confusing and problematic for the deceased’s estate.

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Do I need a solicitor to deal with my Divorce?

If you find yourself in the situation where your marriage breaks down and both parties agree to divorce either of you can start the divorce process.

Whilst you don’t have to instruct a Solicitor to handle the divorce it will ensure the process is completed correctly, efficiently and it will be less stressful for you. A good solicitor will make the process easier rather than any more difficult.

Never underestimate the stress, anxiety and pain that can arise during the divorce process. Emotions are often heightened and arrangements agreed amicably at the outset can often unravel as the process goes on without expert help.

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Inquests: Do families need legal representation and who should pay for it?

I have recently assisted a family through an inquest after their fourteen year old daughter Emily, tragically took her own life. The facts and circumstances are a reminder of the difficulties that families face in obtaining Legal Aid to secure representation at inquests, even where there are potential failings by agents of the State that may have caused or contributed to the death.

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Why you should have a Will when you’re young

It’s a hard truth but death won’t wait for you to have your affairs in order. Death also doesn’t care if you’re 21 or 98 which means you should be prepared by creating a Will. Anything can happen.

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Why you need a Will

Usually we don’t want to discuss death – it’s a morbid subject and, for many, it may seem very far away. However, it may sound cliché, but we don’t know what life will throw at us, and all what we have worked hard for, our possessions, our property, our finances, may be all at jeopardy if we don’t make a Will.

Don’t think of a Will as just a document you get when you’re elderly or in poor health, but consider it a vital piece of your family’s infrastructure, no matter what age you are, and something that will protect your children and your spouse, and will make happen what you want to happen after you’re gone.

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A Guide to Divorce & Separation

You may be considering, or have decided to, end your marriage and file for Divorce. The Divorce process is an emotionally challenging experience, complicated and often heart breaking.

When a couple decide to separate and begin the Divorce process they usually make joint decisions regarding their children’s well being, finances and property.

However as the process begins and time goes on, views often change which can cause conflict and negotiations are required to try to resolve any dispute.If you decide to handle your Divorce yourself you will be responsible for dealing with the emotional strain and difficulty of negotiating with your former partner alone and you may risk not getting the best you can for you and your family.

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What is Probate and why do I need a Solicitor?

It’s not a pleasant prospect, but at some point during your life you will lose a loved one, and you may be left responsible for what happens to their possessions and property.

The last thing you want during this traumatic time is the burden of paper work, applications and trying to make sense of what is expected of you and understand the legal jargon involved with Probate – or even understanding what Probate is.

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