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Do you need a Solicitor to make a Personal injury claim?

It can be daunting contacting a law firm and discussing our private, and sometimes embarrassing, matters with a stranger and it may seem easier and straightforward to deal with a legal matter ourselves. However, this is not the case.
When someone is injured in an accident they are entitled to claim for compensation for their injuries and financial losses, provided it can be shown that someone else was at fault and that their negligence caused the injuries.
Evidence has to be obtained to prove the negligence, usually by way of witness statements and expert evidence, and there is a complex and potentially exhausting process that must be followed.

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What is a ‘letter of wishes’ and should you have one?

Frequently when clients start to think about making a Will, the most pressing thing on their minds is about who they would like to leave their assets to and who they would like to administer their estate.

Less pressing is their funeral arrangements, and yet many people have very strong and specific wishes as to the nature and conduct of their funeral.

Under the present law, the executors appointed under the Will have ownership of the body and are, technically, the decision makers for funeral arrangements.

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Do I really need a solicitor to deal with my divorce?

You may find yourself in the situation where your marriage will breakdown and both parties agree to Divorce. You may both be at fault, or just one of you, but either of you can start the Divorce process.
Whilst you don’t have to instruct a specialist to handle the Divorce, it will make sure the process is completed correctly, more efficiently and it will be less stressful for you. A good solicitor will make the process easier rather than any more difficult.
Never underestimate the stress, anxiety and pain that can arise during the Divorce process. Amicable solutions you may have made with your ex-partner may change as the process goes on.

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What should I do to ‘Mitigate Loss’?

If you’re entering into compensation claim proceeding, you will probably be asked about mitigating loss. This is an important legal standard which is particularly relevant to Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, and Medical Negligence claims.

What is mitigated loss?

To mitigate means ‘to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad’. Mitigated loss is therefore the concept that if you fall victim to something, you should want to minimise the damage caused to you. If you have demonstrated no effort to minimise your suffering, it may bring to question how much compensation you deserve. Continue reading “What should I do to ‘Mitigate Loss’?”


Medical Negligence Claims – What to expect

If you have suffered injuries as a result of Medical Negligence, you may be thinking about making a claim or getting some answers; and indeed you should, especially if this has had a big impact on your life. Sometimes our clients’ biggest concern is that this treatment shouldn’t happen to anyone else and lessons are learned.

Though successful claims can make a world of difference, it’s important to consider what the legal journey may be like.

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Personal Injury Reform Set to Dramatically Affect Compensation Claims

If you’re seeking to claim for a whiplash or any other injury following a motor accident, you may want to hurry.

The Personal Injury reform, set to come into effect in April 2020, will result in you finding it harder to secure compensation for motor accidents. The reform will also make it harder to claim back legal fees from the person you are suing.

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Caring for the elderly at Christmas

An estimated 200,000 elderly people will spend this Christmas alone with a further 1.5 million effected by loneliness.

Many elderly people fear to leave the house due to the bad weather, resulting in them struggling to have access to basic items such as food.

Also, many elderly people don’t keep sufficiently warm due to fear of rising gas and electric bills, resulting in fatal illnesses, including the flu.

The elderly and physically challenged are most at risk of suffering from the bad weather as they find it difficult to stay mobile and leave the house.

It’s important that we consider our elderly family members, neighbours and friends over the Christmas period.

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Are you planning to give the gift of cash this Christmas?

With Christmas fast approaching, rather than brave the crowds of last minute Christmas shoppers, you may wish to consider gifting cash instead this year. Wills, Trusts & Probate specialist, Stephanie Chung, discusses the added benefits you can gain by gifting cash which could reduce your inheritance tax.

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DIY Divorces – Are They Worth It?

A rising number of couples are resorting to DIY services in an attempt to reduce the costs of Divorce. Filing for a Divorce independently can cost as little as £550, which is the court fee for a – Divorce petition. However could dealing with a Divorce yourself cost more in the long run?

Partner and Matrimonial Specialist, Sharon Lockwood, explains more.

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