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Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenant Clauses

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Confidentiality and Restrictive Covenant Clauses

When an employee or worker remains in employment with your business, you can rely on the contract of employment to control their actions and protect the business. What about when the employee leaves, especially if this is to a competitor? You may want to issue a confidentiality and restrictive clause in your contracts of employment. Our employment team can help.

If an employee leaves and moves on to a competitor there is always going to be a risk to your business – particularly if that employee had access to trade secrets, customer lists or supplier lists. If they were to use this information in a new job this could undermine your business and severely impact your future trading and stability.

It is important to consider this scenario even from the outset of the employment and build protection into your contracts of employment. It is common to include confidentiality clauses that continue to apply after the employment relationship ends in respect of information that employee becomes aware of during their employment and about trade secrets.

Also, post termination restrictive covenants are very useful. These clauses can be used to prevent an employee, after their employment ends, for a duration of time (usually no more than 12 months) and in a geographic location (potentially nationwide if you operate nationally), from:

  • Poaching staff
  • Enticing or soliciting clients away from your business
  • Working in competition with your business
  • We can assist you with preparing contracts of employment with the necessary protection. We can also assist you if you need to enforce confidentiality or restrictive covenant clauses – this can be done by way of a pre-action letter and if not successful a County Court claim to seek either an injunction or damages.

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