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Contracts of Employment, Handbooks and Policies

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Contracts of Employment, Employee Handbooks and Policies

A business may want to vary terms and conditions of employment for a variety of reasons, for example, to change employee benefits or to bring employment contracts in line with employment law requirements. You may simply be in its initial start-up stage or be expanding, and needs to introduce contracts of employments, policies and handbooks into the business.

Any changes to terms and conditions to contracts should be carried out lawfully, and with the agreement of your employees following a period of consultation. Failure to consult employees about changes could result in your company being sued for breach of contract or constructive unfair dismissal.

Staff handbooks and policies allows employers to ensure that all their employees fully understand the conduct which is expected of them whilst in employment at your business, and can protect a business’s brand and credibility. These also ensures consistent management of your team.

Our employment team can provide all the support you need from drafting contracts of employment, staff policies and handbooks, to reviewing and/or making changes to existing documents.

Coronavirus Update

There is lots of information online regarding what support and information there is available for businesses during the Corona Virus outbreak, many of it is hearsay and gossip. Keep up to date with Employment Law in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak here.

Should my business have an Employee Handbook?

Every business should have an Employee Handbook to protect the business and their employees. The document will contain your company’s operating procedures and allows your employees to understand all company policies and guidelines they must work to from the beginning of their employment. Discover more on Employee Handbooks with our free advice brochure below.

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