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4th of January – National Divorce Day

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01 Dec, 2020

The Christmas holidays can create pressure within relationships; with many choosing to stay together until the end of the family season, however, early January is when many couples reach the end of their tether. The first Monday of January – which will be the 4th in 2021 – has been dubbed ‘Divorce Day’ by family law solicitors who notice the significant spike in separation enquiries at this time.

Considering recent statistics regarding divorce and separation it’s been found that:

  • 12% of marriage breakdowns are directly caused by in-laws
  • 37% of married adults said that finance was the most pressuring factor on their relationship
  • 60% of those in unhappy relationship plan their divorce in advance, often for the sake of their children or parents.

These factors certainly explain why Christmas, a time of financial lows and emotional highs, can prompt thoughts of separation and lead to ‘Divorce Day’.

If this applies to you, you may be thinking about different routes you could take. One of our leading family law specialists Sharon Lockwood recently wrote about the pros and cons of online ‘DIY Divorces’, which solicitors are seeing a rise in. Read the article here.

Though these may appeal initially, Sharon notes, they do not take into account children, property or finances, which is often where most of the complexity of divorce arises; in any case, when there is a disagreement in separation, it’s sensible to seek legal advice before initiating proceedings.

Indeed, disagreement may not be foreseen at the beginning of a Divorce or separation process, but often the simplest of matters can still cause emotional and physical strain. Going through a Divorce alone can be surprisingly difficult, so having someone on your side to guide and support can make the world of difference.

Seeking legal advice may seem daunting if you’ve never instructed a Solicitor before and you may have no idea where to start. That’s why, in our family department, we offer a free half hour consultation to help you get started – giving you initial advice about where you stand, as well as talking you through what the process might be like.

Partner and Matrimonial Specialist Sharon Lockwood is a specialist in Divorce matters, and specialises in cases involving assets and children.

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