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£12,000 awarded for Disability Discrimination

Howells Solicitors

15 Aug, 2013

A Howells client has received £12,000 for her claims of Disability Discrimination & Unfair Dismissal.

The client who suffered from depression and a hearing impairment worked as an airport parking operator at a national airport where she was dismissed for unacceptable behaviour towards her manager.

Her disabilities had an effect on her performance at work and following her employer’s failure to make reasonable adjustments, the client’s frustration resulted in her dismissal.  The claim was based upon the employers failure to make reasonable adjustments that would have reduced the problems caused by the client’s disabilities, such as providing a suitable headset and varying her workload, as well as taking into consideration the impact the client’s disabilities had on her behaviour.

Howells Solicitor Liam Kenealy who represented the client commented “We are delighted at this result. It is important that employers support their staff and provide sufficient support with any disabilities, failure to do so should not go unchallenged.

This was a great result for our client who is very happy with the outcome.”

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