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30 years at Howells for Criminal Defence Partner

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16 Sep, 2021

This week has seen a milestone for Partner and Criminal Defence Solicitor Mary Rose Macadam as she celebrates her 30th Anniversary of working at Howells.

With such a fantastic achievement, Mary Rose Macadam explains what she enjoys most about working for Howells;

“I moved to Sheffield to start work as an ‘Articled Clerk’ and I knew very soon that I wanted to stay.  Howells has always been a very welcoming place to work, and I have made a lot of good friends.  At the same time the firm sets high standards and looks for innovative ways to provide excellent service to all clients, whether they pay privately or qualify for legal aid.”

“It is noticeable that staff are encouraged to progress within the firm and to reach their full potential, like me and other partners who started off as trainees.   I have particularly enjoyed my role as Training Principal, being in charge of bringing on the next generation of solicitors. Many staff have joined Howells in junior roles and then worked their way up to being paralegals, solicitors or becoming part of the management team.”

We have many staff who have been at Howells for years, which is always a good sign that it’s a good place to work!

Mary Rose Anniversary
Managing Partner Peter Mahy presents gifts to Mary Rose Macadam

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