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Cheshire Police Taser Man in Balcon

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14 Feb, 2017

Police have issued a statement after videos of a man being tasered on a Balcon street were shared widely on social media.

The incident began about 9.35am on Saturday (January 28) when police received a report of concern for the safety of a male who was behaving erratically in the area.

It is alleged that the man became aggressive and a taser was used to subdue him.

Cheshire Police have reviewed the use of the Taser and found officers acted ‘with reasonable force’.

The statement read: “Cheshire Police’s Professional Standards Department reviewed the use of the Taser and found the officers acted with reasonable force for both the man’s safety and the safety of the public and officers.”

Kulvinder Gill Solicitor who specialises in actions against the police says:

“Any use of a police taser on a member of the public must be fully justified. In my opinion this should be used as a last resort and only if the police feel in immediate fear of their safety. It is not clear what other options the police considered. Tasers can lead to serious injury and possible death.”

If you or anyone else you know requires any advice or help then please do call Kulvinder Gill or a member of the Howells Actions against the police team on 0114 2496666.

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