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Covid-19 and Housing Law

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27 Mar, 2020

Following recent Government restrictions we have received confirmation from the County Court at Sheffield and the County Court at Barnsley that a number of possession hearings are being postponed.

This affects tenants in Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley. Ongoing cases, trials and applications currently at these courts are being considered on a case by case basis. This may mean a telephone hearing or skype hearing is held instead of a face to face hearing.

We have also received confirmation from Sheffield City Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council that a number of eviction warrants are no longer going ahead at this time but that these will be re-issued.

At this time new eviction warrants are not being requested from the court bailiffs but will be requested at a later time.

New legislation has also been passed by the Government which also extends notice periods for new claims for possession.

In terms of your case and how these changes affect you the best thing to do is get in touch with us. Whilst there is a lot if information out there not all of it is correct. We urge you not to take advice from social media or rely on news articles that may not be relevant to your situation. Do not assume that your hearing or eviction is not going ahead as this may not be the case.

The best advice is to still seek advice as even if your possession hearing or eviction is not going ahead at this time, your Landlord will be reissuing this.

We are specialists in Housing Law and are happy to advise and help you by telephone. Legal Aid is available if you are at risk of possession, if you have serious disrepair and if you are homeless. Contact our housing team by email make an appointment at, visit our website or call us:

Sheffield0114 249 66 66

Barnsley0122 680 51 90

Rotherham0170 936 40 00

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