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Do I Need a Solicitor For My Divorce?

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19 Apr, 2023

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You may be considering, or have decided, to end your marriage and file for divorce. The divorce process is an emotionally challenging experience, and it can be complicated and often heartbreaking for all involved.

When a couple decides to separate and begin the divorce process, they usually make joint decisions regarding their children’s well-being, finances, and property. Either party can start the process.

What is a Divorce?

Divorce is the official act of ending a marriage. One spouse will file for divorce and the court will send the official papers to the other party. These documents must be filled in accurately, otherwise, the divorce will be delayed or even rejected. When you apply for a divorce, you’ll need to prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down.

Do I Need a Solicitor to Deal With My Divorce?

The honest answer is no, you can apply and file for divorce alone. However, a divorce application will only end the marriage and not resolve financial matters or arrangements for any children between you and your ex-partner. This may not be straightforward, especially if there has been conflict during the process.

It’s also important to remember, a solicitor is not just there to fill in paperwork. We are there by your side the whole way through, for professional and emotional support, and will help to take the stress and pain away.

Having a solicitor will also ensure the process is completed correctly, efficiently, and with as little stress as possible. Never underestimate the anxiety and pain that can arise during the divorce process. Emotions are heightened, and arrangements agreed upon amicably at the outset can often unravel as the process goes on without expert help.

What Happens When the Divorce Process Starts?

If your ex-partner files for divorce, the official papers will be issued by the court and sent to you. These must be reviewed and returned to confirm that you will not defend the divorce. However, if these forms are not filled in correctly, this is likely to considerably delay the process.

No-fault divorce was introduced in April 2022, which means couples can apply for a divorce without having to assign blame. Even with a no-fault divorce, it is still essential for the paperwork to be prepared in the right way. Otherwise, the court could reject the divorce and require the process to start all over again.

As divorce specialists, our role is to avoid any such difficulties and ensure that everything is progressed as swiftly and inexpensively as possible.

How a Solicitor Can Help With Potential Issues

A solicitor can help with a range of potential issues that may arise, including:

– Deciding where your children will live

– Where your children will go to school

– How your children will be cared for day to day

– How your finances will be shared

– How your assets will be shared, including deciding who will keep the family home

– How a business you own or any investments you have in your own name will be impacted

– Negotiating on your behalf and assisting to resolve these types of issues, including any necessary court applications to obtain a financial order

Even if all these matters are agreed upon, realistically a solicitor is still needed to prepare and file any Financial Orders for the court’s approval. It is also important to remember that if you don’t instruct a solicitor, but your partner does, you will be negotiating against a trained professional.

The Benefits of Having a Solicitor for Your Divorce

It’s even more important to get expert help if you have a complex situation with finances and/or children, as a solicitor can help get the best outcome for you.

Having a solicitor to help can benefit you in many ways, as they will:

– Make sure your divorce papers are completed correctly to ensure there are no delays on the process

– Receive advice on the contents of the divorce application

– Ensure agreements regarding your children are made fairly

– Help you make the best decisions when organising your finances and assets

– Help protect or receive advice regarding a business or investments you have in your name

– Help you negotiate the best agreement possible for you

– Deal with your divorce papers, financial orders, and matters involving your children, assets and/or investments together

– Take away most of the stress and worry that comes with the divorce process

– Have a friendly, professional and knowledgeable person looking after your best interest during the divorce process

Divorce Solicitors at Howells

Our divorce specialists at Howells have extensive experience in dealing with complex situations involving high-value assets and difficulties in relation to children. The Matrimonial team here at Howells Solicitors is one of the largest in the region, and we consistently receive amazing feedback and praise from other professionals and our past clients.

Our family law solicitors specialising in a range of areas, including civil partnerships, unmarried couples and child custody and access.

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