A gender reassignment patient received damages of £20,000
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Gender reassignment patient damages of £20,000  

Howells Solicitors

05 Sep, 2023

Medical professionals failed to administer and monitor testosterone treatment to the claimant over a 5 year period, and delayed referrals for gender reassignment for over 2 years. 

Howells Solicitors acted for the claimant whose injuries and distress lasted 7 years in total. The claimant was successful in reaching an out of court settlement for significant symptoms caused by medical staff at various GP clinics. 

The most significant symptoms to the claimant were lethargy, sleep disturbances, decreased muscle mass and strength, increased body fat, increased sweating, low mood, emotional fragility, increased body dysmorphia and depression. 

The evidence suggested that these symptoms were likely caused by low testosterone levels due to a failure to consistently administer, maintain and monitor the claimant’s testosterone levels.

Not only did the claimant suffer physical and mental symptoms due to negligence in treatment, they also experienced avoidable delays in referrals to the Gender Identity Clinic (GIC) causing significant distress to the claimant resulting in symptoms further affecting their mental health.

Senior Solicitor Jenna Kisala said “This was poor treatment of my client. The GP did not refer my client in an adequate time to the GIC. The actions of the GP had serious effects on the mental health of my client, not to mention the side effects which had occurred due to inconsistent treatment failing to monitor my client’s testosterone”.

The claimant first began testosterone treatment to begin their gender reassignment procedure back in 2009. The treatment, which was administered every 4 weeks via injections, was administered inconsistently to the claimant due to regular cancellations or delays to appointments. This resulted in the claimant having an inconsistent treatment of hormones and the course of treatment not being correctly monitored. Often, rather than having his injections every three or four weeks, the gap would be much longer.

The claimant began suffering symptoms which included menstrual spotting, thrush, abdominal pain, joint pain, flu like symptoms and fatigue; they also suffered emotionally having to deal with mood instability and feelings of frustration, low mood and depression.

At this point, the claimant was unaware that their testosterone level should have been checked and maintained on a regular basis.

In April 2016, the claimant requested a referral to the GIC (Gender Identity Clinic) by their GP so that they could continue with the next stage of their gender reassignment. 

Following chasing and following up of the request, the claimant was informed in June 2018 that the referral had not been made until May 2018, two years after the original request. This delay caused the claimants body dysphoria to become much worse and they found it very difficult to progress with their life due to the depression caused as a result. 

Finally referred to the GIC, the claimant was made aware that their testosterone levels should have been monitored regularly throughout the years that they were taking testosterone treatment. Many of the claimant’s symptoms are likely to have come from inappropriate levels of testosterone.

The representatives for the GP admitted to causing a delay in referral to the GIC and settled out of court. 

Jenna said “I fear there are many more transgender patients who have received poor treatment and experienced avoidable delays due to an unfamiliarity with their condition and the treatment pathways available to them.”

I would advise anyone who has found themselves with symptoms due to misdiagnosis, delayed treatments or referrals, to contact a legal professional.” 

“The most challenging step for clients is taking the initial steps and finding someone who will listen and who understands what you’re going through. Not only that, but who will give unbiased advice and take action on your behalf. This is where a legal professional can come in.”

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