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Homelessness at Home

Howells Solicitors

15 Oct, 2018

Did you know that a person does not have to be sleeping on the street to be classed as homeless? And that legal aid is available to help in these situations.

Many people are unaware of their housing rights. A person does not have to be sleeping on the street to be classed as homeless. They can be classed as homeless if it is not reasonable for them to continue living where they are due to the state of their property, domestic violence, threats from neighbours, overcrowding and other issues.

If someone is given homeless priority the council have to rehouse them even if they have former tenancy arrears. However, if the wrong tests are applied when people approach the council, this can lead to the wrong decisions being made. However these decisions can be challenged. People need to take early legal advice to make sure the council deal with their situation in accordance with their legal duties.

If you or someone you know is in this position then you can get help at Howells Solicitors. Legal Aid is still available for possession and homelessness cases as well as unlawful eviction, so get in touch to see how we can help.

Howells partner and housing solicitor Graham Hogarth reports that “Unlawful eviction seems to be on the rise. We have had two enquiries from two unconnected tenants in the last few weeks both of whom have had their locks changed by the same landlord. Landlords cannot lawfully evict a residential tenant without a court order, and if they do it can give rise to awards of compensation of sometimes tens of thousands of pounds.”

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