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Homelessness – New duties for local authorities

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16 Jan, 2019

Under new legislation, homeless services have to consider a person threatened with homelessness as soon as they receive a valid section 21 notice requiring them to leave their property within 56 days.

Previously the homeless services did not have to take any action until an actual eviction date was less than 28 days away.

The new legislation provides for earlier intervention by the homeless services. It includes both a duty to try and prevent homelessness if there is a threat within 56 days and also a duty to provide assistance in preparing a personal housing plan even before it has been considered whether or not the full housing duty is owed to the applicant.

People presenting to the homeless services are entitled to input into their personal housing plan and are entitled to see a copy and ask for a review of it if they are not happy with what has been proposed to try and prevent them from becoming homeless or deal with the fact that they are homeless.

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