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Howells obtain five figure sum for medical negligence claim

Howells Solicitors

01 Feb, 2018

Howells have obtained a five figure sum on behalf of the estate of a gentleman who suffered injuries as a result of neglect while in hospital.

The gentleman was an insulin depdendent type 1 diabetic with vascular dementia. He was hospitalised with an infection and remained in hospital for three weeks.

During that time, he lost 12 kg in weight as he was not assisted at mealtimes and so ate little, if at all. He became unable to weight bear or mobilise, he suffered from a sore mouth and lips and his hair became matted. His care home was shocked at the condition on his discharge from hospital and he had to return to another hospital almost immediately thereafter as he was very ill.

He subsequently recovered but it took approximately 12 months to regain the lost weight and the loss in speech and mobility never improved.

A Safeguarding Report concluded with an overall finding of “neglect”.

A five-figure sum was successfully agreed which significantly assisted his family at a very difficult time.

If you or someone you know has suffered from medical negligence and would like further information on making a medical negligence claim, please contact us at or 0114 249 6666.

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