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Howells Partner to visit Sheffield Twin Town in Nicaragua

Howells Solicitors

12 Aug, 2014

Mary Rose Macadam, Partner and Head of the Rotherham branch of Howells will be one of a group of Sheffield people visiting Sheffield’s twinned town of Estelí in Nicaragua next week to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the friendship between the towns.

To celebrate, the group from Sheffield will travel to Estelí and stay with local families, learning about each others’ lives and visiting various community projects including art and music, gardening, retirement homes, schools and women’s construction training. They will also visit the development office which manages the aid from Sheffield and deliver a range of gifts.

During the visit, the groups hope to share skills and experiences, exchange ideas, and sow the seeds for further co-operation in the future.

The friendship started in 1984 and the two officially twinned in 1986. The first delegation for the Sheffield-Estelí Society (SES) travelled from Sheffield to Estelí to assist in projects to bring safe drinking water, with the support of thousands of pounds raised by Sheffield people. This was later followed by a number of other groups travelling to Estelí to collaborate on different projects.

Over the last decade the Sheffield-Estelí Society has supported projects in Estelí including post hurricane reconstruction, maternal health care, library services, art, music, dance and theatre projects.  This year’s visitors will have the chance to give their time to some of these projects, and learn more about their innovative work.

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