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Howells settles Personal Injury cases

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30 Nov, 2017

Howells expert Personal Injury team have recently settled several large cases for their clients.

Client A – Awarded £500,000
The Personal Injury team at Howells have secured £500,000 compensation for a client following a road traffic accident, where as a pedestrian he was struck by a speeding car.

The claimant was walking across a pedestrian crossing when he was struck by the vehicle. The driver was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving and our client was awarded a substantial amount.

Client B – Awarded £50,000
Howells Personal Injury team represented a client who has recently been awarded £50,000 for the loss of a fingertip in a road traffic accident.

The client was loading his van outside a customers house when he was hit by a runaway vehicle. He sustained an injury to his hand which resulted in the amputation of a fingertip and a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder and an adjustment disorder. The client was awarded compensation.

Client C – Awarded £60,000
Howells has recently settled a Personal Injury case for a client who had an accident at work resulting in the loss of a fingertip. The client was awarded £60,000.

The claimant was using a drill when his gloves caught on the drill. Liability was admitted by the defendant and our client was awarded compensation.

Client D – Awarded £23,000
Howells Personal Injury team have represented a client who was a rear seated passenger in a road traffic accident, who received £23,000 in compensation after the vehicle crashed into a lamp post at speed.

Client E – Awarded £18,000
Following a trip on a defective kerb, Howells Personal Injury client was awarded £18,000.

The claimant tripped on the kerb resulting in a fractured hip. As the defect in the kerb was deeper than an inch, the highway tripping claim was brought against the Sheffield City Council.

Client names have been withheld for anonymity purposes.

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