Howells Solicitors Medical Negligence Team Sucessfully Win Two Cases
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Howells’ Medical Negligence Team Celebrates Double Case Win

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12 Feb, 2020

Medical Negligence Specialist, Jenna Kisala, successfully won two complex cases last month, resulting in high financial awards for her clients.

Case Win 1

A Rotherham based client was awarded a six figure cash settlement due to suffering Medical Negligence at the hands of Rotherham Hospital.

The client’s family visited Howells’ Rotherham office, to attend one of their free drop in sessions, as he and his family were treated unfairly at the hands of medical professionals at the hospital.

The client visited the hospital with a life threatening infection in 2012 and was treated unreasonably. He was initially refused a bed to rest in and was asked to use a hard sofa whilst he was in severe pain.

Then his treatment was delayed on multiple occasions and the manner in which he was treated was both derogatory and offensive, as the medical professionals did not take him seriously and presumed he was exaggerating his symptoms.

The claimant was left with a lifelong disability and mobility issues due to the medical negligence, and his family with emotional distress, as a result of the treatment by the NHS staff.

Jenna Kisala said “No individual deserves to be mistreated at the hands of a medical professional, under any circumstances.”

Jenna initially wrote a letter of complaint to Rotherham Hospital, where they denied the medical negligence, and then she investigated the case further to asses if the medical care received by the client was negligent.

Reports from a medical expert agreed that the care was not reasonable and Jenna negotiated for an out of court settlement after investigations that lasted over 5 years.

Jenna said “This case has gone on for a long time. During this period I developed a relationship with the family and I know this outcome will be a huge relief and will allow them to put this painful episode behind them and have something to build a future with.”

Jenna also gave the following advice for anyone suffering a similar situation “We adore the NHS, however they have a duty to their patients.

“It’s always right to ask questions about treatment and whether it’s been to a reasonable standard.

“I encourage anyone who has questions to respectfully raise them, and contact me at the earliest possible stage for advice, as strict time limits apply. It costs nothing to ask.”

Jenna’s second successful case was made due to the lack of medical support given to an individual in need.

Case Win 2

A Nottinghamshire based client was left to suffer with severe mental health issues, and was neglected and left to live in extremely unsuitable living conditions.

The client’s behaviour and attitude, because of the mental health issues, made making it impossible for her family to help her and they desperately needed medical support.

The client’s sister visited Howells Solicitors seeking help as she contacted her local GP, hospital and even local MP who were unable to help the family as they stated that the patient would need to attend an appointment themselves, and there was no immediate danger to herself or others as she did not appear to be self-harming.

This was an impossible task as the client had isolated herself in her home and aggressively refused any help. This is a common symptom of the specific mental health issue.

After issuing proceedings at Court, Jenna successfully negotiated a five figure sum on the grounds of Medical Negligence, as the professionals were made aware of the issue but took no action to support.

Jenna said “If you’re struggling with a loved one and need support, Howells are here to help and you do not have to go through this alone.”

Jenna works in the Medical Negligence team at Howells and can support on a wide range of issues. The team also offer free drop in sessions and are available to discuss any issues you may have. You can contact the Howells’ enquiry team on 0114 204 4616 or email

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