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Howells turns case around for employment client

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12 May, 2016

A former employee of a retail store came to Howells to seek help for an unfair dismissal and disability discrimination claims.

Whilst working for the premium brand paint store, the client was required to undertake a lot of heavy lifting. This led to the client suffering from a bad back and having a long absence from work, for which she was dismissed from her employment.

After raising a claim against her former employer to the Employment Tribunal but without the expertise to handle such a case, the client was soon at risk of a costs order being made against her and having to represent herself against a barrister at a 5 day hearing.

Upon seeking expert legal advice from Howells and getting the hearing postponed, the employment team were able to evaluate the case for her. After further advice and support, the client’s former employer agreed to negotiate on the claim and paid the client £9000 compensation as well as supplying her with a basic reference to assist her future employment opportunities.

This was a great turn around for the client’s case and highlights the importance of seeking expert legal advice.

For more information on this area of law, see employment and discrimination.

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