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National Divorce Day

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01 Dec, 2020

After the festive period draws to a close, family law specialists tend to see a spike in divorce enquiries. This has resulted in the first working Monday of the calendar year being known as National Divorce Day. 

Why Do Divorces Rise During this Time?

The Christmas holidays can create pressure in relationships, with many couples choosing to stay together until the end of the festive period, for the sake of their children and families. However, early January is when many couples reach the end of their tether.

Christmas can be a stressful time for numerous reasons. It can take its toll financially, as it usually involves extensive gift-giving, travel and food preparations. The holiday also means spending extended periods of time with family members, which can lead to conflict between couples and create a strain in relationships.

Has the No-Fault Divorce Made a Difference to Divorce Rates?

No-fault divorce was introduced in April 2022 and means parties no longer need to give a reason for their separation, other than that their marriage has irretrievably broken down. A no-fault divorce aims to reduce conflict and help couples come to an amicable resolution without the need for finger-pointing. 

However, after no-fault divorce was introduced, there was a significant increase in divorce rates. This could be due to the fact that couples no longer have to jump through as many hoops, and achieving a divorce is easier than it was previously. 

Seeking legal advice may seem daunting if you’ve never instructed a solicitor before, and you may have no idea where to start. That’s why, in our family department, we offer a free half-hour consultation to help you get started – giving you initial advice about where you stand, as well as talking you through what the process might be like.

Divorce Solicitors at Howells

No two cases are ever the same, however, relationships that are already in difficulty can buckle under the pressure of the festive period. Others try to get through one last Christmas as a family or simply see the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start.

No matter the cause, the legal issues arising from separation always need to be carefully considered. Our divorce solicitors are here to support you and provide you with guidance throughout. We can help with a range of matters, including child custody, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements and financial settlements.

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