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Medical Negligence Reform Set to Dramatically Affect Compensation Claims

Howells Solicitors

10 Mar, 2023

Michelle Gyte Solicitor & Head of Clinical Negligence 0114 249 6754

Do you think you have a case for negligence at the hands of a medical professional? You will need to act fast.

The Medical Negligence reform, rumored to come into effect in October 2023, will result in you finding it harder to secure compensation for medical negligence cases valued less than £25,000. The reform will make it harder to find legal support and your case may be under settled if they are not represented correctly. You may even find it difficult to receive a Conditional Fee Agreement, (some firms call them no win no fee agreements) for cases less than £25,000 .

If you think you have a case for Medical Negligence, we urge you to contact a law firm sooner rather than later, as it’s difficult to understand the value of a case at the start.” Explains the head of Medical Negligence at Howells Solicitors, Michelle Gyte  

“We need time to make necessary due diligence and checks, and as the October date comes closer, we are expecting an influx of cases to open, especially as some law firms will plan to reduce their work load of cases that are likely to be settled under the £25,000 level”.

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