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Personal Injury Reform Set to Dramatically Affect Compensation Claims

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20 Jan, 2020

Sharon Rinaldi Senior Solicitor 0114 249 6632

If you’re seeking to claim for a whiplash or any other injury following a motor accident, you may want to hurry.

The Personal Injury reform, set to come into effect in April 2020, will result in you finding it harder to secure compensation for motor accidents. The reform will also make it harder to claim back legal fees from the person you are suing.

The reform has been planned in order to reduce the number of claims and car insurance premiums and allow the claimant to deal with their claim themselves online – not so good if you’re not tech savvy.

Not only will the reform mean a reduction in the level of compensation payable to road traffic accident victims, but it also means that insurers will not meet legal costs for personal injury claims with a value of less than £5,000.

This will reduce the ability for claimants to seek legal support and advice from a professional specialist, therefore claimants will be left to deal with the stressful situation alone because it will be harder to claim legal costs.

Currently, for whiplash and other personal injury claims after a motor accident compensation limits are currently set at £1,000 and will soon rise to £5,000, so it’s wise to get your claims reported with a legal professional as soon as possible in order to beat the reform changes.

If you wait, you may not get the compensation that you hope for and will not be able to seek support to cover legal costs.

The levels at which compensation tariffs will be set have not been agreed yet.

I’m a senior solicitor in the Accident and Personal Injury team, and an expert in motor accidents and helping people claim compensation. If you would like to discuss an incident with me call 0114 249 66 66 or email and one of our team will call you back.

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