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Voluntary Interviews: Police Station Solicitor & Representation

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15 Nov, 2023

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Being arrested and taken into police custody can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. It is essential to have legal representation at this time to ensure your rights are protected and that you receive a fair outcome. This is where a Police Station Solicitor comes in.

Police Station Solicitors are specially trained to provide free legal representation to anyone detained at a police station or invited to a voluntary interview for an offence, regardless of their financial situation.

In this advice article, we will explore the role of Police Station Solicitor, how they support police station representation, and the benefits of using them. We will also discuss how you can get a solicitor and when you should consider using one.

The Role of a Police Station Solicitor, a Police Station Representative

Police Station Solicitors play a crucial role in providing immediate advice to individuals detained at a police station. They explain the legal process, rights, and potential consequences, attend interviews to protect the accused’s rights, challenge improper conduct, and assist with bail applications or court representation.

Often clients tell me that they didn’t want to have a Solicitor because they were worried that it may make them look guilty, or that they couldn’t afford a Solicitor to help them.

Clients have also told me that they did not know that they were entitled to have a Solicitor at a voluntary interview or did not think that they would need to have a Solicitor, despite the fact that they were still interviewed under caution and can be summonsed to attend court for the alleged offence which they were questioned about.

There is a common misconception that a Solicitor is only for guilty people, and that hiring one can be expensive. This has led to 40% of the UK population attending a Police station with no legal representation. However, this is incorrect.

You may not be aware that every person is entitled to free legal representation when being interviewed by the Police, for whatever reason, whether you are guilty or innocent.
You’re also entitled to request your own Solicitor, or law firm.

Without legal advice, you may be charged with offences because you do not know the law, or you may find yourself accepting offences wrongly believing that it would not go to court. Not only is the court process a long and drawn-out process that can seriously affect lives, but it could result in a criminal conviction.

Benefits of Using a Police Station Solicitor for Police Station Representation

Using a Police Station Solicitor to represent you offers several benefits:

Immediate access to legal advice and support – With their expertise in criminal law and understanding of the complexities of the legal system, Police Station Solicitors can provide valuable guidance during an individual’s interactions with the police. They play a vital role in protecting an individual’s rights and ensuring a fair process, especially when dealing with a government body.

Advice on the best course of action and potential outcomes – They have the knowledge and experience to analyse the situation and provide informed recommendations. This can help individuals make well-informed decisions during a challenging time.

Help alleviate stress and uncertainty – Police Station Solicitors provide reassurance and support, ensuring that you are not alone in navigating the legal process. Individuals can benefit from immediate access to legal advice, expert guidance, protection of their rights, informed decision-making, and emotional support, ultimately ensuring a fair and just process

When you attend a Police station you will be asked if you would like to instruct your own Solicitor, or if you would like a Duty Solicitor to be contacted.

A Duty Solicitor is an independent Solicitor, from a local law firm. These law firms work on a rota basis, so the Duty Solicitor you are appointed will be from any of the law firms in the area.

However, you can request a preferred law firm, such as Howells, to represent and advise you. You simply just ask for us at the Police station. If the interview is prearranged, contact us at any time so that we can arrange for a solicitor to attend with you.

Whether you choose the Duty Solicitor on the rota at that time, or you call us, either way you will get free legal representation.

When should I contact a Duty Solicitor?

You should contact a Solicitor as soon as you become aware that you are being accused of an offence. Whether you are innocent or guilty you need the support of a specialist Criminal Defence Solicitor, like myself, as soon as you are aware that you are suspected or accused of a crime.

You should contact Howells even before you speak to the police or go to a Police station (if possible), so we can tell you what to expect, and explain what your rights are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t it make me look guilty if I have a Duty Solicitor?

It will not make you look guilty should you have a Solicitor, it actually shows that you have taken the arrest seriously and are seeking the legal advice that you are entitled to.

Without legal advice, you may be charged with offences because you do not know the law, or you may find yourself accepting offences wrongly believing that it would not go to court. Not only is the court process a long and drawn out process that can seriously affect lives, but it could result in a criminal conviction.

Do I only use a solicitor that is on the police rota?

No, you can request your own solicitor if you prefer. You can exercise your right to request legal assistance upon arrest or detention and ask for Howells Solicitors to represent you.

How Can We Help?

Howells offers professional and free legal advice for any person who attends a Police station for questioning, and we offer a dedicated 24 hour phone service where you can contact a Solicitor. We are also conveniently located close to Police stations and can be with you quickly, however be sure to request Howells Solicitors at the Police station.

Sheffield – 0114 249 66 66

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