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What Happens to my Benefits When my Child Finishes Education?

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20 Apr, 2021

Marie Busfield Housing & Benefits Chartered Legal Executive Marie.Busfield@Howellsllp.com 0114 249 6627

If you are claiming benefits, such as Universal Credit and/or Child Benefits, you should declare any changes of circumstances, such as your child leaving school and starting work/claiming benefit. You should report the changes as soon as you know about them – ideally within 1 month.

Sometimes you may be contacted before your child reaches 16 years of age.  However, you shouldn’t wait to be contacted.  It is always important to inform the relevant benefit agencies of any changes in your household.

It might be the case that you and your child have not made a decision on what they will do after they have finished school.  However, it is still important to let the relevant benefit agency know so that you are not overpaid.

What sort of changes should I report?

Some typical changes that you must tell the relevant benefit agency of, include if your child;

  • Is 16 – 20 and leaves education or training
  • Is aged 16 or over and starts work
  • If your child starts receiving any benefits in their own name
  • Moves out of the household

What effect will there be to my benefits?

The short answer is that it depends on the change itself, Sometimes a change in your child’s circumstances won’t affect your ongoing benefits at all, however in other circumstances it can mean that a deduction will be applied to the amount of benefit that you are entitled to receive.

As you wont know the effect a change could have, it is always important that you report this as soon as possible and ideally within one month of its occurrence.

You can gain legal advice on any benefits related issues, such as what affect there may be to your entitlement or raising an appeal against a decision that you have received.  To discuss your specific situation with our Benefits & Credits team you can call our enquiry team and make an appointment. We offer fixed fees on our advice and flexible appointments to suit your needs. If you can’t make it into the office, we offer telephone appointments.

You can email Howells to make an appointment at enquiries@howellsllp.com, visit our website or call us:

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