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Reforming the legal requirements of divorce

Howells Solicitors

12 Dec, 2018

The Government is still consulting on reforming the legal requirements of divorce and moving away from the need for one party to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage if the parties have lived together within the last 2 or in some cases 5 years.

“This change cannot come soon enough” says Alyson Siddall who has 31 years post qualification experience in this area of law. Whilst there are only about 20 contested divorce trials a year these cases can destroy families and in the words of Her Honour Judge Lynn Roberts in the recent case of VW v BH, the husband’s case was “completely futile, a huge waste of money” and “a tragic destruction of family relationships”. The need to seek proper legal advice is important.

At Howells, we offer a fixed fee service for representation in divorce proceedings and a half hour free advice session. Our experienced team is here and ready to help you make the right choices if you feel that your marriage or relationship is over. Ring us on 0114 2496666 for more information or find our divorce and separation page here:

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