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Criminal Injuries Compensation

What is a Criminal Injury Claim?

We understand just how difficult it can be to receive an injury due to an assault or a terrorist attack, particularly when injuries could have been caused by someone you know and trust or by those meant to protect and care for us. We can’t take the pain away, but we can help you get justice with a criminal injury claim.

If you have received an injury or physiological trauma due to a criminal act you may be entitled to compensation and our accident and personal injury specialists can help.

We understand that contacting a law firm is daunting, especially when discussing a potentially embarrassing and/or traumatic experience. However, our solicitors and specialists are approachable, friendly, and down to earth.

Legal Costs

Most claims we handle are on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so if you do not succeed with your case you do not have to pay our costs.

Who Can Apply For Criminal Injuries Compensation?

In most cases, if you want to make a claim for criminal injuries compensation, you must apply within two years of the event. You can claim if:

  • You were injured
  • A close relative died
  • You saw the crime happen to a loved one
  • You paid for the funeral of a person who died

You might also be able to make a claim if you were injured trying to stop a crime, as long as the risk was justified. 

The crime must be reported to the police before you apply. 

Criminal Injuries FAQs

How Long Does Criminal Compensation Take in the UK?

We aim to assess claims as quickly as possible, and the majority are assessed within 12 months.

Can You Claim Criminal Injuries without a Conviction?

You can still obtain compensation even if no one has ever been convicted.

Can You Claim Criminal Injuries for Mental Health?

You can claim criminal injuries for physical injuries, disabling mental injuries, and sexual and physical abuse.

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