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Children Law

What is Children Law?

Our Children Law specialists deal with some of the most challenging cases involving social services intervention to the removal of children. We provide advice and representation to all members of the family on a full range of issues.


Disputes concerning children can present parents, family members, and courts with some of the most challenging decisions of all. The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation that outlines the law. Our experienced team can help anyone who finds themselves in a conflict about children.

How our Children’s Law Specialists Can Help

In situations where there are serious concerns about a child’s immediate safety and welfare, we are able to act urgently to provide them with protection through court orders.

Our Children’s Law specialists can support you with:

Children’s Law FAQs


What is the Children Act in the UK?

The Children Act 1989 provides the framework for child protection in England. The key principles include the paramount nature of the child’s welfare and the expectations and requirements around duties of care to children.


What are the Basic Rights of a Child in the UK?

The basic rights of a child in the UK include but are not limited to:

  • The right to life, survival, and development
  • The right to a name and nationality
  • The right to have their best interests considered and their views respected 
  • The right to live in a family environment 
  • The right to education, leisure, culture, and the arts
  • The right to health and healthcare 

At What Age Can a Child Refuse to See a Parent in the UK?

There is no definitive answer as to the age children are able to refuse contact with a parent. Under the Children Act, the wishes and feelings of the child need to be taken into account in child arrangements disputes, while also considering the child’s age and best interests.

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What Do Our
Clients Say?

Thankyou for all your support during this case, it is a successful outcome for us all, most importantly the children. It was a battle in the end, but we got there, with your amazing advice and hard work. We truly are grateful.” “Charlotte, Pamela, Joanna, truly fab team, that have supported us through our journey, in getting the contact final and agreed.

Mr M and Ms R, Family Clients, Nov 2014

Thanks for all your ‘spot on’ children’s advice and also the advice which you have given to me over the last 8 months. The letters, statements, position statement were all brilliant. I took your advice which paid off as it taught me there are ways of communication positively without reacting! I came to you anxious, angry and upset and you helped me to minimise this as the case moved forward.

Child Law Client