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Civil Liberties & Inquests

Civil Liberties

Our Civil Liberties specialists have exceptional experience in judicial review cases for over twenty years.


Our team are nationally recognised as specialists in this area with excellent connections to leading barristers’ chambers. You can have confidence that your case will be handled efficiently and with regular updates in what can be a very fast paced area of law.

Everyone has rights and we expect these to be upheld. But what happens when the people you expect to help you are actually the ones who have left you feeling like you have been wronged?


What do you do when a decision has been made by a public authority such as the local council, police force etc that you feel is unlawful and violates your rights?


Whilst you may feel that you are powerless against such authorities we can help you enforce your rights.

Professional legal advice can’t always stop the injustice occurring but it can give help you obtain justice in the end.


Our Civil Liberties specialists can help with:

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The Civil Liberties Team

Our expert team specialises in human rights challenges and has regularly taken cases to the highest level, including the European Court of Human Rights.

Our success in challenging the UK government on the retention of DNA and other samples from people who had not been convicted of any crime led to media attention around the world and was recognised as a major victory for human rights.

We also have a highly experienced inquests team and have represented many families in their search for truth and justice for loved ones.

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Clients Say?

I have had the privilege having represented by Howells Solicitors on a number of cases varying from Immigration, to Civil and Family law. I cannot overly thankful for work done by this incredible team of people who put service at the forefront of their business.

Oluwaseun Akinwande

You have worked tirelessly over the years to represent/defend all sectors of the B.M.E. community through various trials and tribulations. As a community we will always appreciate your and your teams, contributions and righteous endeavours.

MT, Civil Law Client

I would like to give a big thankyou to the professionalism of Mr G. Hogarth and his associates at Howells Solicitors; also for all the help, support and advice that was so readily available if further clarification was needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Howells to any other person.

Mrs S A A., Civil Litigation Client