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Claims and Complaints Against the Police

Claims and Complaints Against the Police

If you or a loved one has suffered due to police misconduct and wish to make a complaint against the police, we can help. Our Civil Liberties specialists can support you to get the answers and the compensation you deserve.

Whilst you may feel that you are powerless against the police, you have the right to justice as you would if you had been wronged by any other authority.

How we can help

Our Civil Liberties specialists act for individuals who have been ill treated at the hands of the police or who have been wrongly caught up in the criminal justice system, including protestors and victims of crime.

Our team have represented many high profile clients but equally for those who do not receive any publicity at all. Whatever, the nature of your claim, you will receive the same high level of service tailored to your needs.

The team is known nationwide for its expertise and effectiveness and pursuit of claims for damages and complaints against the Police.

By working closely with our large Criminal Defence team where needed, clients benefit from a comprehensive level of service unmatched by many firms in this field.

Our Civil Liberties specialists can support with:

If you have a case for any of the above our Civil Liberties specialists are here to advise you on the best way forward. We will consider each matter on its facts and then guide you through the process in order to  make a complaint against the police

We will look after you with our friendly, down to earth approach, clear and consistent communication and reassuring transparency on costs.

2 steps to contacting Howells:

Step 1

Call our New Enquiry Team on 0114 249 66 66 or email [email protected] for an initial chat about your situation.

Step 2

We’ll listen carefully to you, clarify what you’re trying to achieve, and then explain if and how we can help you. We will take some initial information and liaise with a legal professional regarding your case. If it looks like we can help, we will book you in for a consultation with a legal professional.

The Team

Our Police Actions team, led by Peter Mahy, is known nationwide for its expertise and effectiveness in the assessment and pursuit of police complaints. It has been awarded the top grading in an independent peer review of its work, one of just two firms in the whole country to achieve this; and was ranked highly in the influential Chambers 2018 legal directory. These are smart lawyers with sharp minds, tough and resolute in their legal representation, diligent and skillful in their investigatory work. It’s a team you’ll want on your side.

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