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Regulatory Offences

Regulatory Offences

Our Criminal Defence specialists have been defending individuals in all types of investigations and prosecutions for over 40 years. The team has enormous experience and understanding of the complexities of an investigation, the relevant legal procedures and rules together with vast experience of investigation tactics.

If you are facing investigation by a government body or local authority, or have been arrested by the police, then contact us immediately to support you.

Our specialists will help share the burden and ease the stress associated with such events and understand the facts of the situation quickly, seeing if there is a valid defence and advising on the most appropriate course of action going forward.

Our Criminal Defence solicitors will be in your corner from start to finish; if the investigation results in a charge or prosecution we will also represent you and prepare your best possible defence during court proceedings. We will be there as a supportive, patient, non-judgmental advisor throughout.

We provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week to anyone who is being investigated. You can contact us at any time on our emergency number 07774 162757 (Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham). We cover all areas of arrest and investigation, including:

  • Arrest by the Police
  • Investigation by the Inland Revenue
  • Investigation for tax fraud
  • Investigation at work
  • Investigation for benefit fraud
  • Investigation for a motoring offence, including help to keep your licence if this becomes at risk
  • Investigation by Environmental Health and/or Health and Safety Executive

If you are being investigated it is important that you get the advice you need before you are interviewed. We will discuss the case with you, obtain details of the accusations, listen to you and then advise you in the best way to respond to the allegations. We will continue to provide you with the help and advice needed throughout the whole investigation.

24 Hour Arrest Helpline

If you have been arrested by the police, our 24/7 accessibility means that one of our team will always be available on call to come to the police station to represent you.

The most important part of the case is often what takes place at the police station, so it is vital to get the representation you need. Remember, our expert criminal team can be contacted at any time on;


If you have been accused of a driving offence that will affect your licence, we are here to help.

Sometimes a motoring offence may be minor; at other times it can be far more serious with potentially devastating consequences.

If you have received a summons or Notice of Intended Prosecution or have been contacted by the police our Motoring Defence specialists can advise you on the best course of action to take.

It is always best to contact us immediately as some options, such as driver awareness courses, are not available once a court date has been set.

If you have been summoned to court our Motoring team can provide you with information on the likely outcome of your case and defend you in court, especially if you face a driving ban / disqualification.

We will check that the correct procedures have been followed and advise upon the strength of the case against you. Even if you are pleading guilty it is still important to contact us. Many cases are able to be defended in a way to reduce or avoid penalties such as losing your licence.

If you have received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or a Court Summons, it is important that you contact us immediately. If you are being investigated it is important that you get the advice you need before you are interviewed.

We cover all types of road traffic offences, including:

  • Speeding
  • Exceptional hardship cases (totting up 12 points on your licence)
  • Drink driving
  • Careless driving
  • Mobile phone offences
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving without insurance
  • Failing to stop and report an accident
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Reinstatement of your licence after it has been revoked by the DVLA
  • Tachograph matters

Do you drive for a living?

If you need your licence for your job we may be able to help. In some circumstances we can apply for you to keep your licence even if you have more than 12 points.

If you are a taxi driver, penalty points can affect your taxi licence. We have a team of lawyers with an impressive success rate in keeping taxi drivers’ licences for them.

See more how we can support you with Exceptional Hardship cases


We will provide clear guidance on costs at the outset of the case and will apply for Legal Aid wherever it is available, to ensure the quality advice you need is accessible and affordable.

Diagnostic Appointment

We offer an initial 1-hour appointment, where we will discuss your case and confirm our advice in writing, for a fee of £150 +VAT (total £180).

This may provide you with all of the advice you need. However if further assistance is required we will be happy to discuss with you the potential further costs. Below are examples of these costs.

Guilty Plea

The fixed fee for advice and representation on a guilty plea at the first hearing is £300 +VAT (total £360), unless there is an issue of Exceptional Hardship or Special Reasons.

Exceptional Hardship

There is an additional fee in the range £350 to £500 + VAT, depending on the complexity of the case, where we will be arguing against disqualification under the ‘totting up’ provisions.

Special Reasons

There is an additional fee in the range £250 to £500 + VAT, depending on the complexity of the case, where there are ‘special reasons’ to argue against disqualification or endorsement of penalty points.

Not Guilty Plea and Trial

The fixed fee for representation at the first hearing on a not guilty plea is £250 +VAT (total £300).

Further costs to prepare the case for trial will be dependent on the complexity of the case but usually start from £500 +VAT (total £600).