As a residential landlord, it can be frustrating if you have a problem tenant and you are left in a position that you need to resolve as quickly as possible.

Whether your tenant is in rent arrears or refusing to leave the property, Howells can give you help and advice on what to do next. We are here to guide you through the legal process, from serving notices to representing you at court as well as advising on other issues involving your tenants.

How we can help

  • Rent arrears cases
  • Possession of shorthold tenancies
  • Possession for anti-social behaviour
  • Defending disrepair claims
  • Advice on tenancy deposits

Tenant Eviction

The first and most important step when seeking to evict a tenant is to serve the correct notice.

Different notices are required to be served depending on the grounds upon which you are seeking to recover possession from the tenant.

Serving the wrong notice can invalidate the court proceedings leading to delay in evicting the tenant and even resulting in you having to pay the tenant’s legal costs.

Court Proceedings

Court proceedings can be a very daunting process, but we are here to help guide and advise you through the process. We will start by preparing the relevant papers for issuing at court, arrange payment of the court fee and serve the court papers on your tenant. If there is a court hearing we will represent you and seek to obtain a possession order.

Warrants for Possession

If after obtaining an order for possession, the tenant still does not leave then we can arrange for them to be removed by the court bailiffs.


We will assess your papers, see what type of tenancy the tenant has and advise you on the most appropriate notice or notices to serve in a diagnostic interview.

A diagnostic interview will cost £200.00 plus VAT (£240.00).

If you later take the case to court then this fee will be taken off your final bill. We will be able to give you an estimate at the diagnostic interview of the overall cost of taking the case to court.

Landlords and Letting Agents – are you carrying out ‘Right to Rent’ checks? – See here for details on the new laws.

The Landlords team

Our team, headed up by housing law expert Graham Hogarth, is a dedicated team with many years of experience. Delivering quality law with excellent care, they understand that they’re not dealing with ‘cases’ but with people, not bound up in legal process but in real lives. It’s a team you’ll want on your side.

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