When home sweet home isn’t, we’re here to help.

It’s hard to overstate the physical and emotional impact that housing issues can have on individuals and families. The threat of eviction, being made homeless, a landlord who withholds essential repairs, Local Authority actions, these can all lead to worry, stress and sometimes illness.

Professional legal advice can’t just shut the door on these problems but it can provide the key to dealing with them.

How we can help

Howells has a long and proud tradition of social justice, protecting and exercising the housing rights of tenants in disputes with both private and public sector landlords.

We can assist with:

  • Defending possession or repossession proceedings
  • Taking action over disrepair
  • Claiming for harassment and/or unlawful eviction
  • Advising on homelessness issues, including Local Authority assistance
  • Advising on tenancy agreements
  • Advising on allocations and transfers
  • Advising on succession and assignment of your tenancy
  • Defending injunctions for anti-social behaviour

Please note that Legal Aid is now only available for possession cases and homelessness cases; and for disrepair cases if there is a threat of serious injury or harm occurring if the repairs are not done. However, do not let cost be a barrier to seeking help – we will look at any available funding and payment options to assist you.

Fixed fees

Our fixed fee services are designed to make Housing advice accessible and affordable. This is certainly not ‘law on the cheap’ – you still get the same high quality legal advice but the nature of certain proceedings means that our expertise can be used to progress matters quickly and cost-effectively, relieving stress while delivering results.

Drop-in Sessions

If you are at risk or have been made homeless, or need help with possession proceedings, our advice drop-in at Sheffield is open;

Mondays 10am – 12noon
Tuesdays 2pm – 4pm
Thursdays 10am – 12 noon
Fridays 10am – 12noon

To prove eligibility for Legal Aid, please bring proof of income with you. This includes;

Proof of benefits
3 months bank statements
3 months wage slips if you are employed

Our aims

  • To ensure clients feel properly supported and effectively represented at all times
  • To remain a strong, staunch and tireless advocate for your rights
  • To remove any fear, worry or mystery about the legal process
  • To communicate regularly, openly and sensitively and always be ready to listen
  • To clearly explain any available funding options and make the quality advice you need accessible and affordable
  • To use other expert teams within the firm such as welfare benefits, debt, family, etc to provide an all-round service

Housing FAQs

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Click here to download our Housing FAQs brochure

The Tenancies team

Our team, headed up by housing expert Graham Hogarth, is a dedicated practice group driven hard by its belief in justice for all – and its desire to deliver it for everyone.

These are smart lawyers with sharp minds, tough and resolute in their legal representation, sensitive and compassionate in their client relationships. They understand that they’re not dealing with ‘cases’ but with people, not bound up in legal process but in real lives. It’s a team you’ll want on your side.

The team is highly regarded, with recommendations from the Legal 500 2016.

Marie Busfield
0114 249 6627
Tracy Hinchcliffe
Housing Paralegal
0114 249 6635
Solicitor Graham Hogarth
Graham Hogarth
0114 249 6630

Common Questions

Q.How long will my case take?

A.This will depend upon the nature of the problem and how far in advance you contact us. Possession proceedings can take a matter of days to complete however other more complicated cases may take up to 6 months or longer. We will try and give you an indication at the start of your case but this can change depending on how the case develops.

Q.How much will it cost me?

A.During your first appointment with us we will determine whether you are eligible for public funding, otherwise known as Legal Aid. If you are eligible you will receive free legal advice. In some limited circumstances you may have to pay a contribution towards your public funding. Any contribution is assessed by the LSC and is based on your income and savings. If that is the case we would always discuss this with you at the start of your case. For those who are not eligible, we can still provide advice to you as a paying private client.

Q.Who will look after my case?

A.Your case will be looked after by any one of our expert Housing team who have a wealth of experience in this area of law. Whether that is a solicitor or a caseworker, you can be sure of receiving excellent advice with a personal service.

Q.Will I have to go to court?

A.This depends upon the nature of your case. If possession proceedings have been issued or if your case involves an injunction, then you will almost always have to attend court.