Judicial Reviews, Human Rights and Inquests

If you’ve been wronged, we’re here to put things right.

Everyone has rights and we expect these to be upheld. But what happens when the people you expect to help you are actually the ones who have left you feeling like you have been wronged?

What do you do when a decision has been made by a government authority such as the local council, that you feel is unlawful and violates your rights?

Whilst you may feel that you are powerless against such authorities, the Human Rights Act guarantees you a number of rights and freedoms; and we can help you enforce them. Professional legal advice can’t stop the injustice occurring in the beginning but it can give you justice in the end.

How we can help

If your human rights have been violated and an injustice has been done, we may be able to raise a legal challenge against the actions of such authorities. Whilst a public body (such as a local council, statutory tribunal etc.) has the authority of power, this is supervised by the Administrative Courts in England and Wales. The decisions they make, where there is no other right of appeal, are susceptible to challenge.

So if a decision has been made that you feel has breached your human rights, you may have a case for Judicial Review. If your case is valid we may apply to the Administrative Court to review the decision and possibly obtain damages.

We can assist with:

  • Advising on your human rights
  • Requesting Judicial Review of decisions made by public bodies
  • Representing patients and/or relatives in inquiries and inquests
  • Advising on retention by police of data including DNA and fingerprints and other information
  • Advising on the disclosure of information by the police including to the Disclosure and Barring Service

Our aims

  • To provide a quality legal service at an affordable price
  • To remain a strong and tireless advocate for your rights
  • To achieve a final result that meets or exceeds a client’s expectations
  • To ensure changes are made to laws or practices where appropriate
  • To handle all proceedings in such a way that we minimise distress and upset
  • To remove any fear, worry or mystery about the legal process
  • To achieve a final result that meets or exceeds a client’s expectations
  • To communicate regularly and openly and always be ready to listen

Chambers UK 2018

Howells is highly ranked as a law firm  by Chambers UK. Sources describe the department as

“a brilliant team to work with”

Legal 500 2017

The department is highly recommended by Legal 500 and claim that

“Howells’s ‘excellent, knowledgeable, sensible and experienced’ team ‘has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the context of inquests into deaths in custody, prison and hospitals’ and is led by Peter Mahy.”



The Judicial Reviews, Human Rights and Inquests team

Our expert team, led by one of the brightest lawyers of his generation, Peter Mahy, specialises in human rights challenges and has regularly taken cases to the highest level, including the European Court of Human Rights.

Our success in challenging the UK government on the retention of DNA and other samples from people who had not been convicted of any crime led to media attention around the world and was recognised as a major victory for human rights.

We also have a highly experienced inquests team and have represented many families in their search for truth and justice for loved ones.

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