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If a dispute is dragging you down, we can help you up

Legal disputes are stressful and can be expensive. Advice can be hard to find.

Many people simply cannot afford thousands of pounds to take a case all the way to court or defend a case that is going to court. However, quite often some initial advice just to give you an idea of where you stand or to point you in the right direction can be a big help to resolve your problem.
That is where Howells Solicitors are here to help you, either as an individual or as a small business, whether you want to bring or defend a claim through the courts.

How can we help?

Civil Litigation covers a wide range of matters. We can help if you are having any of the following issues:

  • You have had work carried out at home which has been completed to a poor standard
  • Someone owes you money
  • You are defending claims against you
  • You need advice on how to pursue your own claim in the small claims court
  • You have received faulty goods or services
  • You have been given negligent advice
  • You need help understanding court forms and court orders


We offer initial advice for a fixed fee of £200 + VAT

For this fee we can;

  • Carry out an initial diagnostic interview with a qualified and experienced solicitor
  • Consider your papers
  • Provide you with initial advice on the strength of your case and how much it might be worth
  • Advise you on taking your case further with us if you wish.

The Litigation team

Howells Partner, Graham Hogarth, is a highly experienced civil litigator and heads a team who all passionately believe in giving people a voice in legal disputes. They will listen and advise honestly as to the merits of your case and will set out clearly the process involved so you can make a fully informed, objective decision about pursuing or defending a matter.

Claire Carratt
Legal Secretary
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Solicitor Graham Hogarth
Graham Hogarth
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