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Medical Negligence

Bad things happen. But we can still do some good.

The UK medical profession is an amazing body of men and women. But sometimes bad things happen. Mistakes are made – through carelessness, ignorance or poor judgement.

Whatever the cause of your medical negligence complaint the results are almost always painful, distressing, disruptive and traumatic. Often, such events are life-changing, even occasionally fatal. Whilst professional legal advice can never turn back the clock, it can help you and your family rebuild for the time ahead.

If you feel that you may have a claim for compensation, whether it is connected to treatment received from your local doctor or dentist, from an NHS hospital or private health company, then get in touch today. We know the many people are hesitant about contacting a solicitor but we’re just regular people with a particular expertise – and we’re on your side. Besides, an initial call costs nothing and our Medical Negligence team will listen sympathetically before advising on your options and recommended next steps.

How we can help

We will advise clients on the merits of every claim brought to us, and regardless of its size, complexity or impact, we’ll give each one the same care and attention. We’re are equally comfortable advising on the smallest viable claims to handling multi-million pound cases where catastrophic injury has resulted. Please don’t think that what’s happened to you is too trivial to matter – we’ll listen even if others won’t.

We appreciate that worry about costs can be the biggest barrier to getting professional help – so don’t let it stop you. If we believe you have a claim, then we can potentially pursue it via one of a number of funding options or fee arrangements such as ‘no win, no fee’.

Our aims

  • Earn the maximum possible compensation settlement for clients
  • Help to establish adequate ‘provision for life’ in terms of on-going specialist care, housing, support and welfare

Chambers UK

The prestigious Chambers UK guide ranks the department highly and says Howells

“Stands out for its handling of inquests and related negligence claims involving human rights and the appropriate treatment of patients with mental health issues. Also advises on claims for delayed diagnosis and surgical errors. Notable pro bono offering.”

Sources quote

“they are great lawyers and want to run interesting points. They have your back and look after you properly.”

Legal 500 2017

The Legal 500 recommends Howells Clinical Negligence department, saying the firm

“Has an extensive track record in wrongful birth claims, cases involving children and protected parties, misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis matters, and cerebral palsy cases. Michelle Gyte leads the team, which is noted for its success in settling claims.”

Free Drop In Day

Medical Negligence Advice Drop In at Barnsley
If you feel you have a complaint about medical treatment received, or have suffered an accident or injury and would like to know whether you have a claim, then call in to our free drop in sessions at our Barnsley office.

Wednesdays 1pm – 5pm
No appointment needed.

Howells Solicitors, 21-23 Regent St, Barnsley S70 2EG
01226 805190

Types of claim

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Medical Negligence FAQs

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The Medical Negligence team

Our Medical Negligence team, headed up by the highly rated Michelle Gyte, is a specialist practice group driven hard by their belief that everyone is entitled to access to justice.

Professionally, this is a group of highly skilled, very diligent medical negligence lawyers who scrutinise every aspect of a claim, and represent their clients tirelessly. Very simply, they want to give people the best possible chance of continuing their lives with the requisite financial and medical support.

Personally, they are down to earth, friendly and approachable people whom you can talk to and confide in. They’ve seen most things and understand how these traumatic incidents can devastate lives, gauging the true cost of the physical, psychological and emotional damage sustained. They will listen and encourage and then use their technical skills to translate everything that they’ve heard and felt into positive action for you.

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Michelle Gyte
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Legal Executive
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Jenna Kisala
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Common Questions

Q.What it meant by the term Medical Negligence?

A.When a medical professional has made a mistake, a treatment has gone wrong or you have been misdiagnosed which has been the result of carelessness or poor judgment, this could be classed as medical negligence.

Q.What happens first?

A.We will meet with you to discuss your case, gather as much information as possible and give you advice in respect of types of funding available. What we do first will then depend on what outcome you want, whether this be an explanation or apology, assurance that policies/ procedures have been changed and/or compensation.

Q.Will I have to go to court?

A.You will not need to attend Court unless you case proceeds to a trial or approval hearing, if the claim is pursued on behalf of a child or a patient who is not able to deal with the litigation themselves. Your solicitor will attend all other Court hearings on your behalf.

Q.Who will look after my case?

A.Your case will be dealt with by one of our expert Medical Negligence team. As a department we have a wealth of experience in these types of cases.