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Wills, Trusts and Probate January Sale

For many of us, death, or the prospect of death is something they would rather not think about. We know from discussing with our clients that some people are not comfortable around death – whether it’s thinking about your own or preparing for a loved one’s. For these reasons we put off making a Will.

To make the process easier we have reduced the prices on our Wills for the month of January. The prices are:

Single Will – £120

Joint/Mirror Will – £190

What does the fee include?

  • An initial appointment to discuss your requirements;
  • Advice regarding your options;
  • Drafting your Will and sending it to you to consider;
  • Meeting with you again to sign your Wills;
  • Providing you with a signed copy of your Will; and
  • Storing the original on your behalf.

Do You Need a Will?

We have created a brochure explaining ‘What is a Will?’ and the benefits of appointing a Solicitor when creating a Will. Find the guide below:

Do I Need a Will? – Advice Brochure