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Court Proceedings

Court Proceedings

From advice during an arrest to representing you in court proceedings, everyone has the right to a defence. We are here to help guide you through the process, give clear advice and where necessary, prepare a case on your behalf. We will listen to your side of the story and advise you whether you have a valid defence whilst being a supportive, patient, non-judgemental advisor throughout.

How Our Criminal Defence Solicitors Can Help

If you are faced with the prosecution and have to appear in court we can help with your case. Our expert team of 19 experienced solicitors cover all areas of criminal law and can represent you on any case, ranging from simple road traffic offences to applications for extraditions as well as the most serious of crimes such as murder, large-scale fraud and complex criminal conspiracies.

We are one of a limited number of solicitors who are authorised to represent clients under the Legal Aid scheme where the case has been adopted by the Complex Crime Unit. Typically, these are large-scale fraud, money laundering or drugs-related cases.

 Expert Legal Advice

  • Providing advice on the evidence of your case
  • Guiding you through the prosecution process
  • Advising you on whether or not you have a defence to the charges against you and the chances of obtaining a favourable result
  • Obtaining details of the prosecution’s case in advance of your appearance in court
  • Preparing a case on your behalf, including seeing witnesses
  • Representation in court
  • Making legal submissions to the judge and presenting your defence in the best possible light
  • Negotiating charges to be withdrawn
  • Applying for Legal Aid where it is available

Magistrates Court Proceedings

Every criminal offence begins in the Magistrates Court with 95% of cases being resolved at this level of court. The remaining offences are committed to the Crown Court.

Our Criminal Defence team represent clients in the Magistrates’ Court every day and can deal with cases in this court from start to finish.

There are certain offences that can only be dealt with by a magistrate or a district judge and these are known as ‘summary only’ cases. Many offences are called ‘either way’ offences because they can be heard either in the Magistrates’ court or the Crown Court, depending on the seriousness of the case.

Crown Court Proceedings

Where your case is too serious to be heard by the Magistrates Court it will be sent to the Crown Court for trial. This is because the Crown Court has greater sentencing powers and the cases are often more serious and complex. 

Our dedicated team of Crown Court Solicitors, headed up by Chris Wong will take you through every step of the case, discussing the evidence, advising you and explaining the process. We will prepare your case and instruct a barrister or higher rights advocate who will protect your interests during your Court Proceedings.

Pleading Not Guilty

If you plead not guilty, we can help with:

  • Representing you in court
  • Obtaining details of the prosecution’s case in advance of your appearance in court proceedings
  • Taking your instructions and preparing a case on your behalf, including seeing witnesses
  • Advising your witnesses on the rules of being a witness and prepare them for what to expect in court
  • Cross-examination of the prosecution witnesses
  • If necessary, instruct experts to challenge the evidence against you
  • Making legal submissions to the court and presenting your defence in the best possible light

Pleading Guilty

If you plead guilty, we can help with:

  • Representing you during court proceedings
  • Achieving the most lenient outcome possible
  • Obtaining details of the prosecution’s case in advance of your appearance in court
  • Taking your instructions and preparing a case on your behalf
  • Advising you on sentencing guidelines
  • Presenting your mitigation to the court
  • Presenting character evidence to the court
  • Advising and helping you to plan and be prepared for the sentencing day
  • Advising on sentence and whether there are any grounds for appeal

Court Proceedings Fees

We will provide clear guidance on costs at the outset of the case and examine funding options such as Legal Aid to ensure the quality advice you need is accessible and affordable.

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The Court Proceedings team

Our expert criminal defence team is a highly experienced, successful and resourceful unit, focused on getting the best possible outcome for its clients. They are consistently rated highly in the prestigious Chambers Guide to the Law and Legal 500;

Chambers 2022
The prestigious Chambers Guide ranks Howells Criminal department as a top tier firm in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Legal 500 2022

The independent guide to the Legal profession; The Legal 500, ranks Howells Criminal department as a top tier in Yorkshire and Humber in the latest 2022 guide.

The Legal 500 2018 edition said “Howells’ ‘very approachable and helpful’ criminal department has capabilities to handle a range of complex matters, with particular experience in public order law, judicial review, advising youth offenders, and cases with a civil liberties, human rights or mental health considerations.”

(The team) “also includes the ‘patient and supportive and extremely knowledgeable’ Chris Wong. Wong is recommended for defending clients facing extradition. Rotherham-based Mary Rose Macadam has particular expertise in prison law, parole board work, youth court representations and cases including a mental health element.”

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