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Extradition Proceedings

Extradition Proceedings

This can be frightening time when another country asks the court to extradite you to face trial. Sometimes this can be a breach of human rights. A very specialised area of law that requires swift and prompt action to ensure time limits are met. There is a very tight timetable for appealing any decision made by a Magistrates Court, usually one in London before the extradition proceedings takes place.

Our Criminal Defence Team

Our Criminal Defence team act for clients nationwide and we pride ourselves on achieving the best possible outcomes.

Our specialist team covers a broad spectrum of work, focusing not solely on crimes such as murder, assault, drugs and burglary but also embracing financial crime, health and safety and environmental health cases, complex fraud and the full range of motoring offences.

Our specialists have been involved in many high profile cases over the years and have built a reputation for their energy and determination.

Extradition Proceedings Costs

We will provide clear guidance on costs at the outset of the case and will apply for Legal Aid wherever it is available, to ensure the quality advice you need is accessible and affordable.

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