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Magistrates Court Proceedings

Magistrates Court Proceedings

The thought of attending a court proceeding can be a nerve wracking experience for most. Our Criminal Defence specialists are on hand to assist you every step of the way.

Every criminal offence begins in the Magistrates Court with 95% of cases being resolved at this level of court. The remaining offences are committed to the Crown Court.

Our Criminal Defence team represent clients in the Magistrates’ Court every day and can deal with cases in this court from start to finish.

There are certain offences that can only be dealt with by a magistrates or a district judge and these are known as ‘summary only’ cases. Many offences are called ‘either way’ offences because they can be heard either in the Magistrates’ court or the Crown Court, depending on the seriousness of the case.

Court Proceeding Costs

We will provide clear guidance on costs at the outset of the case and will apply for Legal Aid wherever it is available, to ensure the quality advice you need is accessible and affordable.

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