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Police Station advice & representation

Police Station Representation and Advice

If you find that you are placed under investigation or arrested by a government body or local authority, such as the Police, or if you find yourself in trouble at work, it’s important to understand that you are entitled to Police station representation by a duty Solicitor.

It’s not just about sharing the burden and easing the stress whilst under investigation, but about getting on top of the facts quickly, seeing if there is a valid defence and advising on the most appropriate course of action going forward for you.

If you instruct our Criminal Defence team we will be in your corner from start to finish. If the investigation results in a charge or prosecution we will also represent you and prepare your defence during court proceedings. We will be there as a supportive, patient, non-judgmental advisor throughout.

If you are questioned by the Police, make sure you ask for Howells Solicitors as your free duty Solicitor to support and help with Police station representation.

Duty Solicitor

There is a common misconception that a Solicitor is only for guilty people, and that hiring one can be expensive. This has led to 40% of the UK population attending a Police station with no legal representation. However this is incorrect.

Every person is entitled to free legal representation when being interviewed by the Police, for whatever reason, whether you are guilty or innocent.

You’re also entitled to request your own Solicitor, or law firm (as long as they offer free legal help) and you do not have to accept the Duty Solicitor that the Police offer you.

You can request a preferred law firm, such as Howells Solicitors, to offer Police station representation. You simply just ask for us at the Police station. If the interview is prearranged, contact us at any time so we can arrange for a solicitor to attend with you.

We cover all areas of arrest and investigation, including:

  • Arrest by the Police
  • Investigation by the Inland Revenue, for tax fraud or at work
  • Investigation for benefit fraud
  • Motoring offence, including help to keep your licence if this becomes at risk

If you are under investigation it is important that you get the advice you need before you are interviewed. We will discuss the case with you, obtain details of the accusations, listen to you and then advise you in the best way to respond to the allegations. We will continue to provide you with the help and advice needed throughout the whole investigation.

Already been interviewed? It’s not too late…

Even if you have already been interviewed and have been bailed to return at a later date, it is not too late to seek help and advice. There may be factors to your case that have not been brought to the attention of the police that could be crucial to your case and will influence the outcome.

How we can help

We provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week to anyone who is being investigated. You can contact us at any time on our emergency number 07774 162757 (Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham).

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Police Station Representation Costs

We will provide clear guidance on costs at the outset of the case and examine funding options such as Legal Aid to ensure the quality advice you need is accessible and affordable.

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The Police Station Representation and Advice team

Our expert criminal defence team is a highly experienced, successful and resourceful unit, focused on getting the best possible outcome for its clients. They are consistently rated highly in the prestigious Chambers Guide to the Law and Legal 500;

Chambers 2022
The prestigious Chambers Guide ranks Howells Criminal department as a top tier firm in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Legal 500 2022

The independent guide to the Legal profession; The Legal 500, ranks Howells Criminal department as a top tier in Yorkshire and Humber in the latest 2022 guide.

The Legal 500 2018 edition said “Howells’ ‘very approachable and helpful’ criminal department has capabilities to handle a range of complex matters, with particular experience in public order law, judicial review, advising youth offenders, and cases with a civil liberties, human rights or mental health considerations.”

(The team) “also includes the ‘patient and supportive and extremely knowledgeable’ Chris Wong. Wong is recommended for defending clients facing extradition. Rotherham-based Mary Rose Macadam has particular expertise in prison law, parole board work, youth court representations and cases including a mental health element.”

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