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Regulatory Offences

Regulatory Offences

Our Criminal Defence specialists have been defending individuals charged with regulatory offences. The team has a wealth of experience and understanding of the complexities of an investigation, the relevant legal procedures and rules together with vast experience of investigation tactics.

If you are facing investigation by a government body or local authority, or have been arrested by the police, then contact us immediately to support you.

How we can help

Our specialists will help share the burden and ease the stress associated with regulatory offences.  We understand the facts of the situation quickly, seeing if there is a valid defence and advising on the most appropriate course of action going forward.

Our Criminal Defence solicitors will be in your corner from start to finish; if the investigation results in a charge or prosecution we will also represent you and prepare your best possible defence during court proceedings. We will be there as a supportive, patient, non-judgmental advisor throughout.

We provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week to anyone who is being investigated. You can contact us at any time on our emergency number 07774 162757

We can help with:

  • Arrest by the Police
  • Investigation by the Inland Revenue, tax fraud, at work or benefit fraud
  • Investigation for a motoring offence, including help to keep your licence if this becomes at risk
  • Environmental Health and/or Health and Safety Executive investigations

If you are being investigated it is important that you get the advice you need before you are interviewed. We will discuss the case with you, obtain details of the accusations, listen to you and then advise you in the best way to respond to the allegations. We will continue to provide you with the help and advice needed throughout the whole investigation.

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The Regulatory Offences Team

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