Collaborative Law

When relationships stop working, we can start helping.

Relationship breakdown is upsetting enough in itself but for many it’s the inevitable conclusion – the legal process of separation and divorce – that they fear most.

There is always the risk of the ‘bad divorce’ – an inability to agree, protracted Court proceedings, rising costs and growing anger, bitterness and distress. Collaborative Law may not be able to offer any guarantees over avoiding the ‘bad’ but it greatly increases the chances of securing the ‘good’ – and helping everyone on their way to a life after divorce.

It offers the opportunity for both parties with their respective solicitors to come together to work out mutually acceptable terms for the separation – without involving the Courts to make decisions on your behalf.

A formal Participation Agreement sets out the way in which the discussions and negotiations will be conducted but the emphasis is on normal, constructive conversations in an open and supportive environment. It is not meant as a short cut as everything is considered as closely as it would be in normal Court-driven proceedings; but it does have the advantage of the parties working to their own timetable and reaching outcomes that are jointly agreed rather than simply imposed by others.

How we can help

Our Collaborative lawyers can assist clients to reach comprehensive and realistic settlements,
to include:

Our aims

  • To achieve the best possible settlement within the spirit of the collaborative agreement
  • To minimise the costs – both emotional and financial – of divorce proceedings
  • To lay a strong foundation for the achievement of a ‘good divorce’ through cooperation
    and communication
  • To deliver a professional service that meets or exceeds the expectations of both parties
  • To handle proceedings in such a way that all parties feel comfortable and
    supported throughout
  • To remove any fear, worry or mystery about the legal process

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The Collaborative Law team

Our Collaborative Law team is a skilled group of people. This is no place for the customary adversarial approach of one party against another; it requires the ability to see all points of view and understand subtleties as well as practicalities, processing what is heard and seen into the right outcomes for everyone. Our lawyers are sensitive but pragmatic, driven by the need to get the best possible agreement but mindful of the often complex emotions and dynamics in play.

The Collaborative Law team are part of the Family Law department at Howells.

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